Material Dispensers

The tapo-fix Universal and Rollfix Dispensers are designed to provide a precise, clean and convenient means of dispensing, measuring and cutting rolled goods which are up to 62 inches in width.

Universal Dispensers are ideal for use with non-wovens and other materials which are installed using the “paste-the-wall” method. Universal Dispensers are also a handy method of neatly dispensing materials which require hand-trimming on your trimming surface and also work well as a means for separating and organizing large rolls of material into individual panels.

Rollfix Dispensers are specifically designed to be used for the dispensing, measuring and cutting  of self-adhesive film, foils, window tinting and other rolled goods which typically have a non-porous, glossy or “slick” surface.

Dispensers can also be utilized for the measuring  of bulk roll goods into smaller units of measure for resale.

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