CB1000N Floor Stand Pasting Machine

Floor-mounted Pasting Machine with rolling base frame for wallcoverings up to 41 inches in width

  • Mobile base frame with folding legs and locking casters allows for the pasting machine to be used without sacrificing table space
  • Built-in cutting edges combined with an attached inch meter (sold separately) enables neat right-angle cutting of materials to precise lengths
  • The base frame and legs of the C1000N are removable allowing the machine to be used as a table-top device or for safe storage in carrying case (sold separately)
  • Adjustable paste settings allow for precise control of the amount of adhesive being applied to materials
  • The design of the floor mounted CB75N pasting machine allows for a Sliding Material Cutter (sold separately) to be directly attached to the machine and an attached Equipment Table (sold separately) to be directly connected to the mobile stand
  • Material bar with adjustable stop screws, circular cutting knife and sliding cleaning squeegee included

Recommended accessories (sold separately):

  • MZCBI:  inch meter
  • SW1000: sliding cutter
  • GT1000N: equipment table with locking casters
  • GT80F: 34” x 80” folding work table with locking casters + TVB-GT70F:  table widening attachment
  • HK1000N: wooden carrying case

Item No.: CB1000N
Dimensions: 45 X 21.5 x 10 inches
Weight: 60 lbs.
Working width: 41 inches
Working height: 35 inches



Manual CB75N + CB1000N EN

Operating Instructions in English
Download (4.75M)

Recommended Accessories

SW1000 Siding Cutter

SW1000 Siding Cutter

GT80F Folding Work Table

GT80F Folding Work Table

GT1000N  Equipment Table

GT1000N Equipment Table