CBK1000N Case Set CB1000N

Floor-mounted Pasting Machine Case Set with with a complete CB1000N Pasting Machine and rolling base frame for wallcoverings up to 41 inches wide

Case set includes: CB1000N Pasting Machine and wooden carrying case with rolling casters, inch meter, circular cutting knife, cleaning squeegee, folding ruler, replacement blades for cutting knife, a tapo-fix wallpaper apron, base frame with folding legs and locking casters, material bar with adjustable stop screws

  • CB1000N Pasting machine, folded stand and accessories fit into the wooden carrying case
  • Mobile base frame with folding legs and locking casters allows for the pasting machine to be used without sacrificing table space
  • Built-in cutting edges combined with an attached inch meter enables neat right-angle cutting of materials to precise lengths
  • The base frame and legs are removable allowing the machine to be used as a table-top device or for safe storage in carrying case
  • Adjustable paste settings allow for precise control of the amount of adhesive being applied to materials
  • The design of the floor mounted pasting machine allows for a Sliding Material Cutter (sold separately) to be directly attached to the machine and an attached Equipment Table (sold separately) to be directly connected to the mobile stand

Recommended accessories (sold separately):

  • SW1000: sliding material cutter
  • GT1000N: equipment table with locking casters
  • GT80F: 34” x 80” folding work table with locking casters
  • TVB-GT70F:  table widening attachment

Item No.: CBK1000N
Dimensions: 47 x 23 x 11 inches
Weight: 107 lbs.
Working width: 41 inches
Working height: 35 inches



Manual CB75N + CB1000N EN

Operating Instructions in English
Download (4.75M)

Recommended Accessories

SW1000 Siding Cutter

SW1000 Siding Cutter

GT80F Folding Work Table

GT80F Folding Work Table

GT1000N  Equipment Table

GT1000N Equipment Table