S2040 Table-Top Pasting Machine

Table-top Pasting Machine for use with all materials up to 40 inches in width.

  • Solidly constructed from stainless steel, the rollers and gears of this pasting machine are designed to easily detach as a single unit from the machine’s base allowing for quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Built-in cutting edges combined with an attached inch meter (sold separately) enables neat right-angle cutting of materials to precise lengths
  • Paste levels can easily be adjusted to the exact amount desired
  • tapo-fix’s innovative design of the S2040 allows for the paste applicator roller to be reversed for use with different material types.  In one direction, the applicator operates in “paste mode” and evenly applies all types of adhesives to the material backing.  In the other direction, the applicator operates in “activator mode” and evenly applies paste activator or highly thinned adhesives to “pre-pasted” materials.
  • A highly versatile pasting machine suitable for all types of materials, lightweight to heavy, narrow to wide, delicate to commercial grade
  • Adjustable material brackets and cleaning squeegee included

Recommended accessories (sold separately):

  • MZCBI:  inch meter
  • TTSW:  table-top swivel
  • MST3240: folding floor stand with locking casters
  • GT80F: 34” x 80” folding work table with locking casters
  • TVB-GT70F:  table widening attachment

Item No: S2040
Dimensions: 48 x 10.5 x 6 inches
Weight: 46 lbs.
Working Width: 40 inches



Manual S2032+S2040

Operating Instructions for S2032 & S2040 in English
Download (295.38k)

Parts List S2040

Diagram with parts numbered and named
Download (804.14k)

Recommended Accessories

GT80F Folding Work Table

GT80F Folding Work Table