CXS60 Commercial Pasting Machine

Wide-width Floor-mounted Pasting Machine capable of processing all types of wall-covering up to 60 inches in width.

  • The amount of adhesive being applied to materials can easily be adjusted to the exact level desired
  • Removable adhesive roller and conveyor roller facilitate quick and easy cleaning of the device
  • Tapered paste box design allows for the use of thicker wallcoverings
  • Built-in cutting edges combined with an attached inch meter (sold separately) enables neat right-angle cutting of materials to precise lengths
  • Machine, base stand and crossbar are solidly constructed of stainless steel and can be transported individually
  • Extremely durable and highly suitable for everyday use in commercial installations
  • Booking table, mobile base stand with locking casters, material rod and sliding material rod cones with adjustable stop screws are included  

Recommended accessories (sold separately):

  • MZCBI: inch meter

Item No: CXS60
Dimensions: 64 x 20 x 33 in
Weight: 90 lbs.
Working width: 60 inches



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Parts List CXS60

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